Tuesday, December 30, 2014


It's been almost a year since I posted here last. What's really awesome is that despite this, this blog gets an average of 22 unique views a day and at least one or two comments a month. I guess I'm doing generally OK if a blog that never gets updates continues to grow like that, yeah? haha

In general, at least in terms of what this blog is about ("Gamer. Electronic Music Producer. DIY Synthesizer builder."), not much has changed. I'm going to update you anyway, and tell you about a few future projects. 

In terms of gaming, I've gotten much more into PC gaming, as can be proven by my Steam library having 310 games in it, as well as me building a new computer. This is my first time building a PC so it's kind of exciting. At the moment it's got an i5-4690k running at stock speed with the stock cooler, 8GB Vengeance RAM, a 128GB MX100 SSD, GA-Z97X-SLI mobo, Rosewill 650W PSU, optical drive, and a multimedia reader all in a NZXT Phantom 410 case in white. Soon I'll install Win8.1, a 2TB HDD, and a GTX 970, and eventually, slowly, I'll add another 970 for SLI, double the RAM, install a liquid cooler to OC the CPU to 4.5GHz, and install lighting and more USB ports. All told, it'll be a $2000 computer. 

In terms of music production, I really haven't done much. So little, in fact, that if you go to my SoundCloud page (https://soundcloud.com/yoa01), you'll see that it's gone. No, I didn't quit music or anything, I just didn't see much of a point of having my stuff up there, especially given its poor production and terrible composition. I'm working on those as well as going deeper into the world of synthesis so I can make synths sound as good as I can make guitars and orchestras sound. Maybe I'll release an album in 2015, this time using real instruments with honed skills as opposed to using free virtual synths and MIDI tracks with some sample editing.

And, on to what this blog is mainly about, Synth DIY. I'm actually going to college in January for electrical and computer engineering. I figure, if I'm going to go to college for something and get a degree and eventually a job in something, it may as well be a something I enjoy very much. Designing and building my own audio and voltage devices for a living sounds like a plan. 

What this means, of course, is that Xanu (if you forgot, that's my company which has a branch in synthesizers, particularly modular ones) will probably be put off even longer. It's been a thing since 2008, it can continue being an idea for now as I work on new designs and learn more about electronics. That said I do hope to start selling modules in 2015, complete with a new website and online store.

As part of my foray into building modules for modular synthesizers, I've built a Synthrotek DIRT filter kit. This is my second kit-built electronics thing, and after soldering it properly, it actually works. But, of course, that's just a kit. I am also working on prototype Xanu modules:

Yes, almost all Xanu modules have been reworked since I last showed them here, and some have even more changes to undergo. These are my hand-cut faceplates for the first set of modules I want to put on the market. Sadly, the Xanu MIDI-CV module is not included here because I messed it up big time when cutting the panel.

So, on to upcoming projects:

I'm going to be showing you some new Xanu designs, of course complete with schematics and explanations. Things have been moving along nicely in that department, with 27 new Eurorack modules and 16 new 5U modules having been designed. Nothing really for Frac or 4U yet.

I will be turning my trusty little monotron into a modular synthesizer. Along with adding voltage and audio I/O, I'll be increasing the amount of things each part of the Monotron can do, as well as adding entirely new functions. I must admit, I'm not sure if it'll still run on the two AAA batteries...

I may still cover interesting circuits and/or simple circuits using simple parts to make neat stuff (like my multi-wave 555 oscillator which needs revising). I have quite a few digital delay chips to play with now, and I have a few ideas for my extra 555 and 556 chips.

And, unless college or other things prevent it, I hope to post more in 2015. I've more than enough things to talk about.

...God, that almost sounds like a resolution or something. Screw it... *raises and slightly tips bottle of Gerolsteiner* here's to remembering I have a blog in 2015, and helping other SDIY people build simple yet solid circuits to expand their own projects! *chugs*

Cya next time. And really, thanks for the pageviews. Maybe this time next year that number will double.

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