Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Blog Layout

So as you can probably tell if you read this material on its website, I changed the layout. It's wider so the posts look shorter and I can make pictures larger. I'm not really sure if it looks good yet, but it's simple and plain so I guess it'll work for now. Feel free to suggest stuff.

How I Play GTA Online

So I've been playing GTA Online (part of GTA 5) pretty much since a couple weeks or so since it came out. Hackers, bugs, and douche players aside, I have a lot of fun playing it. It's kinda like a modern Skyrim, but instead of armours you have clothes, instead of swords you have guns, and instead of horses you have cars. Oh, and it takes place in a modern city instead of an epic mystical land of partial confusion. It's great!
Oh and you work at a newspaper place, obviously...
I do play the game slightly differently than most players, however. It seems that, where most people are hell-bent on murdering you for no reason, I'm chillin' in Passive mode just watching the bullets and tanks roll by on a lovely sunny day in the heart of Los Santos. People wonder how I got to be level 72 by doing essentially nothing, but what they do not know about is what I do when they're not around...
...such as using an airport as a drift track!
I start my day (or night, whenever I happen to log in at that particular moment) by entering Passive Mode, walking outside and stealing a car. Yeah, ok, not cool, but I then sell it and make some dough, usually around $5k. Then I hit up a few missions (Jobs, whatever) back-to-back, gaining me several thousand RP and about $40k in no more than half an hour or so, depending on the Jobs. Then I go back to freemode, still in Passive, and watch other players go about their business of trying to kill each other. It gets interesting when you see what they are doing and start guessing what they will do next.
Hiding behind a Rolls-Royce is obviously the best way to not get killed. 
It's usually around this time that Simeon, the local not-so-legit car salesman asks for you help in 'acquiring' some vehicles for his business. Usually this involves stealing a car, losing the cops, repainting the car, and driving it to the Docks where it gets loaded into a garage for exporting, then you get paid around $10k. After that I tend to sell another car individually, maybe do a few more missions, watch people, then go home and log off.

In between all that I do other stuff as well. Various activities, like golf and darts, are always options, but I prefer the things that aren't marked on the map: off-roading in the desert, riding my bike around town, cruising on the freeway, or of course the aforementioned walking around aimlessly, just exploring the city. I also enjoy shopping. Hit up a gas station or clothes store, or maybe restock ammo at Ammu-Nation. Some Ammu-Nation stores have a shooting range where you can try out new or locked weapons, too.
Or, hey, hit up your local night club.
I also love the detail in the game. Minor things that most players wouldn't bat an eye at if they were missing are in the game, like GPS and phones losing signal underground, water making your clothes and skin wet, even down to power lines swaying in the breeze. You can go bird hunting by shooting them out of the sky, or race NPCs between redlights.
Also, wind can blow around your sailboat. 
The thing I love most, as you may have figured out, is the freedom. You can go and do anything you want. Terrorise the city, or act normal. Have fun by yourself (in an appropriate way, of course) or with others. Pretty much whatever you want to do, it's there. Would I say it is my favourite game? You know, maybe not, but it is definitely in the top 5.

Images taken from in-game. All vehicles the woman is posing by are mine. The woman is my character, Avareth. Also, if you were curious, no she's not usually dressed like what you see here. The first two images are closer to what she usually wears.