Friday, May 24, 2013

Numark Total Control Customisation

I know, I know, I'm moving more and more away from modulars. You'll just have to wait a bit :)

So I have had the Numark Total Control for about a year and a half or so now (really just a guess, but it's been a while), and I absolutely love everything about it. It's tough, I (almost) never have problems with it, the jog wheels move flawlessly, the knobs and sliders move effortlessly, and its workflow is very nice.
Marketing photo, not my actual unit.
However, recently I had this idea to alter the layout a bit. If nothing else, it is a bit tight, and it could use a fancy new look. The main checklist is as follows:
-install larger wheels (probably lightweight 7" platters for 7" Numark vinyl)
-space out the mixer/EQ section a bit
-make some minor alterations to the placement of each deck's controls and buttons
-of course, make a custom case

I do not know what I will use for platters, but I know that for the top of the platters I want Numark's Ice Blue 7" vinyl, with silver Numark 45 rpm adaptors. All of this will probably simply glue on to the existing jog wheels.
Once for the NS7, now for custom work :)
The case will be a whole different matter. Because I like how it would look, the case will be wood. The actual case will probably be some cheaper strong wood, like maple. But, to make it look cool, first I want to round over the edges, then apply wood veneers to the maple. The sides I know I want to use Zebrawood veneer, just because I love the contrasting grain. The top I want to be some kind of burl veneer, possibly Cedar.
Hey, I think it would look neat.
The only problem with all of this, aside from cost of new materials, is I cannot seem to find a single way to take the Total Control apart so I can see what it would take to do such customisations. I tried removing the rear screws, and found that they were literally not doing anything in the first place. I then removed part of the removable top (it's taped down so I can't get it all without force) and removed what screws I could, and still nothing. Any ideas on how to take this thing apart without damaging the original case too much would be greatly appreciated. I need the original case intact in case I find that I can't do any sort of customisations.

I actually decided to ask Numark how to take the thing apart on Twitter. They referred me to their customer help department, who said this:

"We do not have repair or customization instructions to share, sorry. Although, the screws should be pretty straight forward to get the hardware open. This is not something we will be able to assist you with."

Yeah, sure... well, thanks for replying, at least. It's understandable that they wouldn't want to help anyway.

Now I realise I could save time and get most of the features I want by buying a Numark Mixtrack, but then where's the fun in that?? Besides, I'll have a one-of-a-kind DJ controller. How would that not be cool? Even Kaskade would want one... well, maybe not, but it'll be kinda cool should it be able to be done.

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