Saturday, January 26, 2013

New CV Processor Module!

Vy hello there. I came up with a neat idea which has probably been done before! As has probably everything on this blog...

No matter, this is useful. It's a 4-function Control Voltage processor! My CV processor has gone through three revisions now. The first was bad because it had an offset section, but no control over it. The second was bad because who really needs a comparator and a clipper? So now I present you with revision 3: beefier, more useful, and somewhat unique!
It has: 2 inverters, 1 4-input Averager, 1 3-way voltage divider, and 1 2-input voltage summer. The inverters do just that: invert a positive signal to negative, and vice versa. The Averager is quite simple: input 2-4 voltages, and the output will be the mathematical average of the 4. The Divider has separate outputs for 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 of the input voltage. The Summer adds two voltages together.

Maybe I can find a way to have a comparator in there. The divider section does take up more room than it needs, but I was thinking of labeling each output too. Hmm...

Beware, for my mind is fleeting; you'll see a lot of new modules in the coming days. It'll be like NAMM! But just one company doing one thing! And actually after WNAMM! Hey, maybe by SNAMM 2013 I'll be able to actually go there as a company, eh? Be all professional n stuff, y'know. All the while blogging about exactly how I make everything...


  1. If you hook up input to pin 1, output to pin 2, and ground to pin 3 of a pot, you have yourself an adjustable voltage divider.

    1. I know, but that's in a different module :) This is for precision divisions.