Thursday, January 3, 2013

4017 Sequencer Test Build

So my LEDs and 4017s came in today. Thus, I also built my sequencer. As I had assumed, it had a few problems from the original design, so after Googling '4017 LED' and learning a few tricks I figured it out!

... Well, I was going to show you, but Blogger keeps not letting me upload pics. Basically all I did was clean up my original idea, make it make more sense, and ground the hold input. Yeah, it sucks, but this thing won't have a hold feature, which was going to be a neat element of it.

I also need to work on the CV attenuators, and fix the output voltage (it's 0-2V). And figure out the external reset. For ease I could just remove that, too, but then what fun is that? Then it's just a simple sequencer that isn't really fun or special at all! Well, actually it still is, and if I can amplify the output voltage I should be okay.

Ta-ta for now. Wait, who actually says ta-ta? Screw it, I'm bringing it back!

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