Sunday, December 30, 2012

Saw-Core Oscillator

Hi all,

So you know how I occasionally e-mail synth manufacturers to get certain information about how their stuff works? Well, I did it again, but this time got a reply!

You see, I found Pittsburgh Modular's Oscillator range to be disturbing. It ranges from approximately .143Hz to, well, high, and it mostly tracks 1v/o. It also does FM and sync and other neat stuff, but DID YOU SEE THAT RANGE??
Oh, yeah, it's pretty too.
So, obviously, I set out to learn how to do it by first seeking the knowledge of those who made it. As I understand it from the reply I got, it's a saw-core oscillator using 100k pots for the frequency controls. Now, given my knowledge of how these things work, that is mathematically impossible, seeing as how I can get a max range of .5Hz to 110,000Hz with my oscillator given a capacitor swap (cool, huh?). Now obviously that goes about 90kHz higher than it needs to, so now I am trying to figure out how to lower the frequency set while maintaining range.
Swap the 10n cap between GND and TRIG for a 1u and you get super low frequencies :)
Should I have time tomorrow, I will build a saw-core oscillator (they're easy) and try getting a super wide frequency from it. If I can, that would be half the battle. I have several ideas in the works, but it is rather late and I have a lot to do tomorrow (assuming installing ductwork counts as 'a lot to do').
This might kinda work, right?
See ya tomorrow!

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