Sunday, December 16, 2012

Runescape Poser

Hey guys,

So I'm not sure how many of you also know me in Runescape, but if you do you should know that I've logged in very little over the last few months.

However, someone else has possibly been playing as me. I logged in today to see that I had a totally misarranged bank with several high-value items being sold on the GE, including my Saradomin outfit and my awesome Dark Cavalier. I'm also missing almost all of my runes and all but 586gp (I had over 4 mil), but the person who was playing as me must have been a huge miner because I was in Fally mine and had 20k+ coal and a ton of gemstones.

Obviously, I've changed my password and taken other appropriate security measures, but I just wanted you to know that if you saw Yoa online, it probably wasn't me. Now I suppose I should sell some stuff and get my awesomeness back, eh?

Edit: Good-ish news! I now have around 6 mil gp from selling off that rubbish, and I got my hat back (the Sara outfit can wait as I'm not cosplaying anymore)! I did notice a few new things: my bank PIN had been removed (that's possible??), and there are a few people in the friends list I don't recognise (but that's because you can change your name, probably). There were also a few music tracks that I hadn't unlocked which I knew I did, so I have a new theory:

When Jagex did one of its bigger updates to Runescape, it may have corrupted some people's profiles slightly. Some of these problems aren't possible to do otherwise (I mean, locking unlocked tracks and removing PINs, really?). I think I'll contact Jagex about this, see if they might know anything (or, have an IP login list with times and dates, which I doubt).

'Nother Edit: HOLY FK I HAVE 98 MINING. And whoever was playing as me has been doing so quite recently and putting a lot of time into it, because I've been levelling up mining since at least mid-November up to Dec 7.

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