Sunday, December 2, 2012

How To Make a Funky Bass Line

Record a voltmeter's buzzing when you connect the probes in continuity mode. Put that into a sampler two octaves down, and apply a bit of stereo spread and dual detuning, just for fun. Ringmod that with a sine wave of a moderate frequency, then low pass filter it. Then apply a phase inverter to the left side. Remove DC offset, then filter out any mono signals (that is, any signal that is the same on one side and the other). Sample the resulting sound.

Then, with that sample, apply a low pass filter. Record four times, each having a different filter cutoff. Layer all 5 tracks, the original having no filtering. Lower the volume of the highest cutoff frequency track, boost the lowest one, and pan hard left and right the two tracks with the most middle frequencies. Take the resulting layered audio into yet anther sampler, and apply a three-band EQ to it, lowering the highs and mids to an acceptable level. Then, play a bass line in the octave below the sample. Record.

Then (nope, not done yet, poor little sample), pan slightly to the left as the right side is now overpowering, and apply a limiting amplifier to get a respectable volume.

That is how you get the bass line in just one of my songs. If I do that with just digital means, imagine what I would do with an analogue modular setup. haha!

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