Sunday, December 30, 2012

Assassin's Creed 3: After-Game Thoughts

Assassin's Creed 3 spoilers are in this post. Also, this post assumes you are familiar with the Assassin's Creed series' aspects and AC3 in general.

So my father was kind enough to get me AC3 for Christmas. I don't think he knows the gravity of that gift.

You see, around 10pm last night I finished playing the storyline of AC3. Of course, I still have a lot to complete, but the story is complete. And Ho-ly CRAP. I'll be damned if that wasn't the best game I've ever played.

First, the updated physics and aiming engines are a HUGE relief. Combat is much smoother, and free-running is both easier and cleaner. I mean, you still have some problems when free-running and in heavy combat which can cause problems, but they are severely reduced in number. Sadly, this also means that when they do fail, it's pretty catastrophic. And, because the engines are meant to keep doing what they are, it's hard to recover. You can avoid this by playing VERY cautiously and precisely.

Then, the storyline. As with all Assassin's Creed games, you aren't actually playing in the past, but in the present as Desmond Miles, accessing memories of his ancestor assassins through the Animus, in this case you mainly follow Connor. Thus, you technically have two stories at once. In AC3, Ubisoft went INSANE with the story.

The historical part, taking place in Revolutionary Colonial America, is crazy from the start without you knowing it. Desmond has a Templar in his family tree. It gets weirder when you get to the point where you team up with Connor's father. There are numerous twists and turns throughout, too. It's crazy.

Then, in the modern story, you need to travel around the world collecting First Civilisation power sources to open a gate in the cave-like space where the Animus is set up. Once you get all of them and plug them all in (all the while following Juno's story about what she and the other First Civ gods tried to do in the cave), you open the gate which leads to Juno's little 'death sphere' (yes I made that name up). Bear in mind that this modern story takes place slightly before 12/21/12. Ubisoft used this date in the main story to further the point of Juno's sphere. At the end --

I should probably point out, MAJOR EFFING SPOILERS HERE!!!!

Anyway, so at the end, Minerva (from AC2) and Juno talk about what they were doing and how Juno's idea would destroy the world. Needless to say, since Juno's idea was best, causing the world to explode to recreate a New World, Desmond decides to side with Juno and uses the sphere to cause a kind of aura around the earth, protecting it from a major solar flare.

However, Ubisoft was smart. The end, where Desmond causes the Apocalypse, the screen fades to white as Desmond is being tortured by the sphere. Then flash several images of the destruction of the Earth, and a radio newscaster is talking about what is going on. Really, what Ubisoft did was create the perfect frame for AC4, should there be one. As the actual game ended with a fade to white, the next game could be anything. Knowing Ubisoft, the newscaster part is really a fraud and in AC4 Desmond will wake up in a hospital or something with Rebecca, Stephen and his father. ^_^

Definitely, I would say play this game. I would recommend playing all 4 previous AC games so you really get the full story, as well.

Really, though, that was a very powerful ending. But the one thing I kept thinking every time Juno showed up was: I wonder if that dress actually could exist? I mean, it's a cool freaking dress/robe thing:
Desmond and Juno

But, ongoing with how awesome this game is, just because I've beaten the storyline, I still need to:
get 100% synch
play all the minigames
play all the sidequests
do all the random stuff you can do
finish all the ship missions

So basically, I still have HOURS of playing to do with this game. Dad, I love you for getting this.

And, really, this is the best choice for the price. $60 for this, whereas most other things I would want are synths or electronics for making synths, all of which can really only be used for music. Would I rather have a Mono/Poly sitting there waiting to be played and tweaked, or have AC3, which is cheap, has great music, gameplay, and an incredible story? I think the answer is obvious.

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