Friday, November 23, 2012

For a Musician...

...I don't seem to write much about music. Let's change that.

So if you're awesome people and fans of my FB page, you'll know that I'm working on getting an album out on iTunes, Amazon, Google, etc. The only issue is that, aside from the whole 'it takes money to make money', I need songs! I'm slowly working on it, but so far the plan is simple: it'll be a three part album with maybe 15-17 songs, covering three genres: techno (what I normally do), progressive house (think deadmau5 or Glen Morrison or Sydney Blu or... you get the point), and a little dubstep, just to reach into that market, which is quickly losing its reign. So far I have 15 songs in the works, minus transitional songs, so I'm good there. Of those, I think 5 are finished, and the rest are either close or still in progress. Doing good!

Second, I've been helping an awesome guy in (I think) England with his virtual synthesizers. Well, I've been a big enough help to him, not only testing and giving advice, but doing demo songs and preset banks, that I'm actually going to be in the official documentation for some of the instruments! Yay!

Also, if you have not been paying much attention, I've uploaded a few songs that weren't quite album material to my SoundCloud! Free songs!!

Finally, with the synth I was building, well, that will have to be postponed. It costs more than I had anticipated, so I've decided to let it chill in the background for a while, at least until I can afford it. However, I have been working on how to build a modular version of it, with tons of stuff for both CV and audio, so maybe the Triple Fiver will actually end up as a modular. Never know.

Oh, and about that YouTube series I was talking about, that will be starting soon, possibly mid-December, but knowing me it'll be the first Monday of next year. Sorry if you were looking forward to that.

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