Friday, October 19, 2012

The Triple Fiver is Nearing Completion!

Yes, I am calling it that. It sounds just cheesey enough for me to like it :)

I'm getting close, anyway. I need to edit the right-most OpAmp (hence the random lines going various directions), change the filter from this boring Sallen-Key placeholder, and add on to the oscillator (allow for sine, saw, and triangle waves), but other than that, this should be a fully functional drone synthesizer!

It also has 10 jacks for input and output. This is mainly for external use (ie, with a modular), but can also be used for the individual effects: ringmod, distortion, filter, and amplifier. Or, you can patch the jacks together and, along with the internal switching, get some crazy sounds. And by crazy I mean complex, not random sounds, though that is possible as well (heck, input to the distortion, split the output into the two ringmod inputs, and you'll have noise!)

Now it's just a matter of getting the rights parts, putting them all together, and hoping for the best!

I made this with Designsoft's Tina-9, TI edition, if you were curious.

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