Friday, April 13, 2012

If You Play Minecraft...

You should do this.

This place, You Are Minecraft, is setting up a server (creative, that is) where you can show your support for the game by building your skin! Slightly narcissistic, yes, but cool none the less! Over 40,000 people have built their skins, which, though awesome, induces some lag, so beware. It isn't horrible, though.

Well, maybe it is.

Simply connect to and follow the instructions to get your own plot to build your skin. Then, build your skin, or build whatever skin you want. Some of them are rather creative!

Here's mine:

Then afterwards either spelunk a cave (that's totally a verb) or play Runescape. Or, whatever. I'll probably do the latter just because I'm only a level 94 (LOL, only...).

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