Thursday, March 8, 2012


Ever since people discovered that I like Ke$ha (surprised?), I've had to come up with various reasons why. Good reasons, sure, and here they are:

Reason #1: I found out about Ke$ha through KORG, so there's an obvious first reason.

When I went to check her out, I (obviously) went to music first. I was kind of scared because she said in her interview:

"I knew the KAOSSILATOR PRO could make really cool laser-like sounds which I wanted to use in “Take It Off.” The idea to hang it from a giant chain was mine because who doesn’t want some bling?"

Right... you can imagine my skepticism. But, I kept reading, and found that her equipment is pretty nice: "...Korg MS2000 and I use effects from another KAOSS Pad with it. They’re really smooth but not typical and work great for my music. My band mates both also have Korgs in their rigs. My guitarist/synth player Max also has an MS2000 and my keyboard player Jenn uses a microKORG."

So of course now I'm interested (and that's possibly why I run my MicroKORG through my KP).

Reason #2: I like her music. I will admit, a couple of her songs, such as F**k Him He's A DJ, Cannibal, Steven, Kiss N Tell, and Sleazy are... well, I'm not as big a fan.

Musically, though, it's all awesome. F**k Him He's A DJ is a pretty different way of describing a club experience, and Cannibal has a very interesting bass line and really the lyrics are... creative. Kiss N Tell is really kind of J-pop-like, which is cool. Sleazy is interesting vocally. The percussion is pretty cool too. Cool thing is, if you know KORG like I do, you can hear classic and modern KORG sounds all throughout almost all of her songs.

Otherwise, I love all of her stuff wholeheartedly. As for favourites, um... assuming I can't say everything, I'd have to go with Take It Off.

Reason #3: She can be kinda hot.

Now look, I realise that's not really that important, especially considering she can look totally wasted (which sadly is more common):

...But it helps.

Reason #4: I like her personality and mindset. She seems really awesome and fun, and seems to think more like "Just have FUNN!!" Sure, she may talk a lot about relationships and love, but the way she does it is pretty awesome. Kinda makes me think of what her life was like, though. I mean, unless you pay attention to news or research stuff, I find it kinda scary to live a life she seems to have lived (considering the reference to Jeffery Dahmer...), which correlates somewhat to the rough childhood I had (just saying that we both may have had rough childhoods, y'know).

Reason #5: Did I mention she likes KORG, electronic music, music in general, is a good composer, amazing at using effects (not only for vocals), and has a nice voice?

Reason #6: I can. Most true reason anyone could give for liking something. LOL

I was even asked this just today: If you could do a collaboration song or two with Ke$ha, would you? My answer is simple: HELL YEA!! No, seriously, if she somehow discovered me and liked it enough to do a song with me, I'd totally do it.


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