Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some Minecraft builds

For not only my blog readers but for the guys at The Voxel Box, here is a small collection of things that I have built in Minecraft. Without further adue...

1. Element House

I based my design:

Off of the original by Sami Rintala, an architect in Seul, Republic of Korea:

I tried to scale it down so that it is the same general size for Steve as it is a human in real life.

2. Chinese Temple

I found this temple on one of The Yogscast's servers:

And just had to rebuild it, with some additions:

3. "Ovlaic" Haus

Purely my own design, this is simply a house that is a giant white oval. Works well in Survival, too.

4. The Cottage

Also an original design, this is a cottage that I once designed for someone else. I never got to see it built, so I built it myself!

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