Sunday, December 18, 2011

The _______!

Yeah, I have no name for it yet. What is it? Well, this:

Still don't know what it is? Let me label what goes on it:

Ok, fine. It's an electronic music workstation. Well, plans for one. I really like it, but there are a few things missing from these pics, like, say, LIGHTS!! Yeah, you see there's a lighting controller? Well, there are spotlights, RGB LED panels, Semi-truck orange lights in the form of a Y, and capping the sides is a long Orange LED message panel.

If I ever get a space that has the room for it (it's approximately 11'x11') and the money to build it (MDF+lazy susan+black velvet), It'll become reality. The real problem is getting the equipment that's on it. I already have some of it, but still, that's expensive. I may add stuff too, like an EIE production module, a looping station, and a MIDI hub. Maybe more.

In any case, this will become the best portable, modular music production interface. Damn it feels good to invent stuff. lol


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