Friday, April 15, 2011

A Few Concise Skill Guides

It seems that everyone is looking for the best ways to do things in Runescape: make money, train skills, places to go, et cetera. Here are a few neat guides and tricks to help you out a bit.


One of the most common questions asked in Runescape is how people make money. A lot of people seem to enjoy merching, but that screws the economy up and nobody else likes it. Here are a few ways to make money that don't make people mad!

"Merch" tinderboxes. In my experience, buying tinderboxes from either General Stores or the Firemaking guy south of Seer's Village makes a lot of money -- up to 1000% profit -- when sold on the Grand Exchange. I usually buy from the guy south of Seer's in epic bulk: around 300 per session (session referring to the whole event of going to and fro buying and banking tinderboxes) and sell them all at once.

Sell herbs. Herbs can be obtained from almost any creature: everyone from druids to the level 2 men in Lumbridge to even yourself (farming, that is). I personally do not use this technique much because I prefer raising my Herblore level, but I sell herbs I cannot use as of yet (alas, with 49 Herblore, that's hard to come by).

Sell smithed objects. Though it can be a long process, mining and thus smithing, discussed later, can lead to huge profit. I usually high-alchemise my smithed goods because it usually makes a bigger profit than selling to the Grand Exchange or other players.


Now, as for skilling, there are many skills to cover. I will cover a few here because I don't want a very long post.


Combat is a rather broad subject. Most combat skills can be trained anywhere, I know, but as any experienced Runescaper would tell you, there are a few places that are better than most. I prefer places like Mudskipper Point, Ardougne Plaza, Blue Dragons, South of Yanille, Druids, places like those.

No, these aren't exactly epic, tale-spawning places, but you are given enough of a challenge with at least one of these by about Combat Level 10 due to the high population of lower levelled monsters in some areas leading up to the main targets. There are goblins on the way to Mudskipper Point. Several lower level monsters appear on the way to the Blue dragons and Druids if you go to the respective caves.


Mining and Smithing can be trained in two cities, both needed for the complete operation. Mine ores in Falador, and then smelt them into bars. Then, mosey on over to Varrock's west bank and smith things in the building south of the bank. I would recommend mining the highest ores you can smith as to get the most out of both mining and smithing.

I have a mining level of 66 and smithing is 59. (as you can see, I didn't follow my own instructions for a time -- lol) Though my smithing level is pretty much in the mithril range, I mine a lot more than just mithril and coal: I also mine and smith steel, and I mine gold to craft jewelry. It's helpful, actually!

I recommend using magic to smelt ores, just to raise your magic level as well!


Woodcutting, Firemaking/Fletching, and Farming can all be done in one spot: the farming place just south of Falador! There's Draynor bank to the south, too! You can set up your farming stuff, chop wood up to yew except maple, then either fletch it or BURN IT!!!

Woodcutting can usually be done best in either the Gnome Stronghold or Seer's Village due to their high variety of trees.

Fletching is best done at Seer's Village due to not only the variety of trees, but also the ease of access to flax, used for making bow strings.


Thieving is a fun skill. Probably one of the more fun things to do in this skill is my unofficial copyrighted method of steal, steal, kill. This method is to be used while stealing from stalls in Ardougne, a Thieving hotspot. When you are stealing from stalls and get caught by a guard at least 3 squares away (kinda rare, but it happens), click the stall again quickly. You will then steal what the stall has to offer. Quickly after clicking the stall the second time, right click and pickpocket the guard that caught you. You will end up pickpocketing him 83% of the time. Then, kill him. This whole thing usually spans about 3 seconds. Just to compact the step:, click, get caught, steal, pickpocket, kill. It's that easy! But, it does take a bit of practise.

Other ways to train Thieving are to go to the unofficial Thieve's Guild and run through the maze. Also, pickpocketing , stealing from stalls, and looting chests are good, as long as they are the highest level things you can steal from.


If you have any other questions in game, just ask me! The name is Sir Yoa (I knighted myself :).

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