Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well, after more money-making, training, and stuff, I currently have 3,252,108 gp, full dragon except for the platebody (and with a med helm), and two Ahrim's pieces. Today, that has changed...

Last night, I was training Defense. It got late, so I had to stop at 17.9k exp until 70 Defense. Currently, I have 5338 exp until 70 (time: 9:22am), and that number is shrinking rapidly. What you will now witness is the next 15 minutes or so of my life, in text form (and, of course, only pertaining to RS):

9:26 Player Call me fAux walks into training area. I say hi with no reply.
9:33 Woot!! 70 Defense, and combat level 90!! Now, to do a few things... *cabbage-ports*
9:36 *Changes clothes, gets Varrock tele runes, and gathers old dragon and granite equipment*
9:37 Teleports to Varrock
9:38 Dragon helm, Granite body, Dragon platelegs, Worn-out dragon gauntlets, and Dragon boots all sell immediately, giving me 1,878,530 gp. I now have a total of 5,130,637 gp.
9:42 looks up price of Ahrim's Robeskirt: max 5,072,733. We're good. *Places Order*
9:43 Robeskirt buys immediately. I receive 287k back, and the robes. I now have 345,687 gp to my name.
9:50 [See picture]


Yes, I'm listening to Ziggy Stardust, and yes, I still have Windows XP Home Edition SP3. Sorry.

So, that was today's wootness. Now, let's do something actually productive today, shall we?

Sir Yoa

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