Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today I did a drastic thing that got me a total of 734,061gp.

As you know, I've been trying to raise money for full Ahrim's. Well, today I went to the Grand Exchange to sell a few things.

The Grand Exchange is a great place. It's like an international mall where you can buy just about anything... like eBay or, I guess.

Well, I sold a lot of equipment here, along with a few other thing I had laying around:

Machete - 48gp
Mystic Mud Staff* - 595,937gp
Slayer's Staff** - 13,348gp
Tinderbox (x10)*** - 950gp
Grapes - 2,340gp
Bronze arrow - 9gp
Steel arrow (x7) - 371gp
Prayer potion (three dose) - 7,025gp
Snape Grass (x26)**** - 11,258gp
Dragon Mace - 29,600gp
Grimy Kwarm (x2) - 8,434gp
Ring of duelling (8 uses) - 2,950gp
Ahrim's Staff - 58,791gp
Fremmenik Shield - 3000gp (alched)
Seercull***** - 59,954gp

*-I had waited so long to get this, but then found not much use in the staff that had both water and earth runes imbued in it except casting curse spells. Go figure.
**-I got this in hopes of being able to use it someday, but slayer isn't my cup of tea, you know?
***-Why the heck do I have 10 tinderboxes? Well, I found out this neat trick: if you buy out a general store of tinderboxes then sell them on the Grand Exchange, you make about 950gp -- a 950% increase in cash!!
****-Ah, snape grass... just another thing you can just pick up and make millions of gp off of 8^)
*****- I orginially got Seercull as a test. I sold it soon afterwards because of it's lame special attack and crummy hit ratio. I'm not entirely sure why I got it again, but I sold it... again.

I know, I know, you're possibly asking "Dude, if you're trying to get full Ahrim's, you DON'T sell part of it!!" It's okay, I have a reason. The staff is only worth around 75k max. It only acts as a level-70-attack weapon, pretty much. It doesn't help with magic as much as, say, Strength, which it gives a 68 point bonus. It only gives a 15 point bonus on Magic. Besides, I can always buy it back.

1,815,040gp is what I am left with. I now go on to play Dungeoneering, which is quite possibly the best MINI-GAME in the game. Can you tell I don't like it as a skill?

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