Monday, May 24, 2010


This is a spinoff blog from the Guitarist's Blog, my first and main blog which is now used only for musical purposes... and a few life stories. Check back on that blog to see my past Runescape stories.

This is my official blog for Runescape. My name on Runescape is Sir Yoa, hence the name of the blog 8^) I am not starting a new character... not by a long shot. As you can see, I am far from a "noob".

Except for the latest skill, Dungeoneeing, which I feel not a skill, but more a minigame.

You'll typically find me in Runescape wearing brown clothes (from the circus), light blue boots (boots of lightness), a brown cavalier, and a Dark Bow. Like this:

Hope you at least somewhat enjoy this blog!

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