Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well, after more money-making, training, and stuff, I currently have 3,252,108 gp, full dragon except for the platebody (and with a med helm), and two Ahrim's pieces. Today, that has changed...

Last night, I was training Defense. It got late, so I had to stop at 17.9k exp until 70 Defense. Currently, I have 5338 exp until 70 (time: 9:22am), and that number is shrinking rapidly. What you will now witness is the next 15 minutes or so of my life, in text form (and, of course, only pertaining to RS):

9:26 Player Call me fAux walks into training area. I say hi with no reply.
9:33 Woot!! 70 Defense, and combat level 90!! Now, to do a few things... *cabbage-ports*
9:36 *Changes clothes, gets Varrock tele runes, and gathers old dragon and granite equipment*
9:37 Teleports to Varrock
9:38 Dragon helm, Granite body, Dragon platelegs, Worn-out dragon gauntlets, and Dragon boots all sell immediately, giving me 1,878,530 gp. I now have a total of 5,130,637 gp.
9:42 looks up price of Ahrim's Robeskirt: max 5,072,733. We're good. *Places Order*
9:43 Robeskirt buys immediately. I receive 287k back, and the robes. I now have 345,687 gp to my name.
9:50 [See picture]


Yes, I'm listening to Ziggy Stardust, and yes, I still have Windows XP Home Edition SP3. Sorry.

So, that was today's wootness. Now, let's do something actually productive today, shall we?

Sir Yoa

Saturday, June 19, 2010


The last few days have been slow.

I have been trying to sell seeds on the Grand Exchange. In case you've never tried, that is extraordinarily hard to do. I had to cancel a lot of my seeds to make room in my exchange box for more stuff.

Yes, I am still trying to get Ahrim's robe bottom. I am so freaking close, too!! The robe bottoms are about 4.9mil, and I have about 3 mil!!

I have sold an extraordinary amount of stuff, too.

Day 1

492 Yew shorts = 230,256
200 tuna = 19,800
328 feathers = 4,920
29 pouches = 29
126 teak logs = 7,560
10 tomato seeds = 20
3 mith full helms = 2,010
27 snape grass = 10,233
1 ring mould = 98
10 marrentill seeds = 90
10 waterskin (4) = 2,300
4 empty pots = 8
1 necklace mould = 95
2 grimy kwarm = 8,570
281 mahogany logs = 101,160
1 chrushed nest = 6,101
1 grimy lantadyme = 8,800
1 clean ranarr = 8,252
1 grimy dwarf weed = 9,579
1 grimy avantoe = 5,691

Total = 425,572gp

Day 2

20 Marigold seeds = 500
10 jangerberry seeds = 2,290
550 potato seeds = 1,100
10 rosemary seeds = 290
5 tarromin potions (unfinished) = 5,225
118 unpowered symbols = 5,546
15 gold amulets = 1,965

Total = 16,916gp

Day 3

3 cabbage seeds = 21
7 logs = 413
1 crushed nest = 6,150
1 ring of duelling (8) = 2,975
3 grimy ranarr = 25,362
2 grimy avantoe = 10,822
2 grimy kwuarm = 8,278
1 wizard hat = 102
150 maple logs = 7,050
1 tinderbox = 95
1 ashes = 53
45 oak logs = 2,745
12 iron bolts = 696
134 magic logs = 198,052
1 beer glass = 161
1 plant pot = 2
23 cabbage = 483
55 steel arrows = 3,245
1 grimy lantadyme = 8,500
2 teak logs = 114
5 pineapples = 460

Total = 275,779

This took place over several days, as you see. This totalled 718,267gp. I now have a grand total of 3,015,203gp, a far cry from what I need. I'm not very good at making money, apparently.

Otherwise, I am trying to level up Crafting to 61 so I can do Lunar Diplomacy. I am a mage, and I want access to all available spell books!! I also want Ancients, but I can't even get the Shadow crystal, let alone anything else!!

I have also levelled up a few things. I now have:
54 Prayer
46 Herblore
46 Runecrafting
59 Crafting
72 Firemaking
64 Ranged
69 Defence
69 Fletching
13 Dungeoneering

So yeah. That's pretty much it. Sir Yoa out.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today I did a drastic thing that got me a total of 734,061gp.

As you know, I've been trying to raise money for full Ahrim's. Well, today I went to the Grand Exchange to sell a few things.

The Grand Exchange is a great place. It's like an international mall where you can buy just about anything... like eBay or, I guess.

Well, I sold a lot of equipment here, along with a few other thing I had laying around:

Machete - 48gp
Mystic Mud Staff* - 595,937gp
Slayer's Staff** - 13,348gp
Tinderbox (x10)*** - 950gp
Grapes - 2,340gp
Bronze arrow - 9gp
Steel arrow (x7) - 371gp
Prayer potion (three dose) - 7,025gp
Snape Grass (x26)**** - 11,258gp
Dragon Mace - 29,600gp
Grimy Kwarm (x2) - 8,434gp
Ring of duelling (8 uses) - 2,950gp
Ahrim's Staff - 58,791gp
Fremmenik Shield - 3000gp (alched)
Seercull***** - 59,954gp

*-I had waited so long to get this, but then found not much use in the staff that had both water and earth runes imbued in it except casting curse spells. Go figure.
**-I got this in hopes of being able to use it someday, but slayer isn't my cup of tea, you know?
***-Why the heck do I have 10 tinderboxes? Well, I found out this neat trick: if you buy out a general store of tinderboxes then sell them on the Grand Exchange, you make about 950gp -- a 950% increase in cash!!
****-Ah, snape grass... just another thing you can just pick up and make millions of gp off of 8^)
*****- I orginially got Seercull as a test. I sold it soon afterwards because of it's lame special attack and crummy hit ratio. I'm not entirely sure why I got it again, but I sold it... again.

I know, I know, you're possibly asking "Dude, if you're trying to get full Ahrim's, you DON'T sell part of it!!" It's okay, I have a reason. The staff is only worth around 75k max. It only acts as a level-70-attack weapon, pretty much. It doesn't help with magic as much as, say, Strength, which it gives a 68 point bonus. It only gives a 15 point bonus on Magic. Besides, I can always buy it back.

1,815,040gp is what I am left with. I now go on to play Dungeoneering, which is quite possibly the best MINI-GAME in the game. Can you tell I don't like it as a skill?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pink Floyd + money

So, I was woodcutting today when these two guys came up to me and said:

Dude 1: Hey you!!!
Me: Me?
Dude 2: Out there in the cold getting lonely getting old can you feel me?
Dude 1: Standing naked by the phone can you feel me?
Dude 2: Hey you!!!
Me: Scary thing is, I'm listening to that now.
Me: And playing along on bass!
Dude 1: holy cow.
Dude 2: don't go without a fight
Dude 2: crap
Dude 2: wow
Dude 1: nice you got good taste in music
Me: 8^)

We went on to talk about English music and what not. I've so far found three fans of Pink Floyd in RS other than myself. Woot.

Now, WHY I was woodcutting:

If you don't already know, I are mage. I am a huge magic user in RS: I even have multiple robes and runes to do magic with!

I know, I'm missing various runes.

Well, I am trying to get full Ahrim's. Ahrim the Blighted is the oldest of the Barrows brothers. Barrows, If you didn't know, is a mini game. He uses low level magic spells as well as his special effect "Blighted aura", which lowers a player's strength level temporarily. Also, like every one of the Barrows brothers, his armour is tinted red and is ghostly, because, well, they're dead.

Generally, Ahrim is considered the weakest because he wears robes, as all mages do, as opposed to his younger brothers, who wear actual armour, therefore making it easier for players to land blows on him. He is weak against ranged attacks.

He is a mage. If you kill him, you can get some of his equipment. I may be kind of a high level (combat level 89), but I can't kill him. So, I'm buying the set from players who already have gotten it and are selling it. The circled objects are Ahrim's armour pieces I already have: this staff, hood, and robe top. Combined, they cost less than the robe bottom for some strange reason.

I am trying to raise money to afford the 4.7 million gp robe bottoms. I am close... ok, not really. I still need about 3.6 mil and I need to level up my main combat stats (attack, defence, and strength, along with magic) to 70. I am chopping both Magic and Yew trees. I sell Magic logs and make short bows out of Yew logs and sell those.

As I bring this post to a close, I have 855,357gp, 96 magic logs (which equals about 131,520gp), and 98 yew logs (which will turn into bows, which means about 34,790gp). I have a long way to go...

Play on.

BTW I forgot to put my character's picture on the first post, so check back there if you can't figure out what I'm talking about.

Monday, May 24, 2010


This is a spinoff blog from the Guitarist's Blog, my first and main blog which is now used only for musical purposes... and a few life stories. Check back on that blog to see my past Runescape stories.

This is my official blog for Runescape. My name on Runescape is Sir Yoa, hence the name of the blog 8^) I am not starting a new character... not by a long shot. As you can see, I am far from a "noob".

Except for the latest skill, Dungeoneeing, which I feel not a skill, but more a minigame.

You'll typically find me in Runescape wearing brown clothes (from the circus), light blue boots (boots of lightness), a brown cavalier, and a Dark Bow. Like this:

Hope you at least somewhat enjoy this blog!